Dating differences between america and taiwan

Teenagers are also encouraged to be different and to show of themselves off. While it allows students to have more rights, less limits and value the differences between every person, it also creates circumstances where they’re unable to cooperate with others or blatantly disregard the advice of elders.

I’ve already seen Minneapolis teenagers tell their parents that this is “my life” and they can do what they want.

In Taiwan, teachers push technique, not how to think. When I came here, my art teacher never told me what to draw, so I froze up. My teacher tries hard to get financial support so students can have the best equipment. I’m amazed at how someone can just decide to fix their car even though that’s not what they do for a living. Overall, my Minneapolis experience has changed me a lot.

“How am I going to know what to do when the teacher isn’t guiding me? But I’ve seen so many teens waste and destroy items or disrespect the teacher by refusing to clean up their workspace. If you want good art supplies, you have to bring them yourself. Or if they want to learn how to cook, they just start cooking. I’m really surprised by how students are treated so well and provided programs that help them get ready for college, ready for life.

” I was so used to being caged, I didn’t have the confidence to go off on my own. Outside the classroom, none of that happens in Taiwan.

In America, teachers are incredibly patient with students.She learned English in elementary school and, inspired by the American culture she saw in her home city of Hsinchu, wanted to experience high school in the United States.A random host family opening in Minneapolis led her to the Twin Cities for the first time in September.China and Taiwan maintain a fragile relationship, which has improved during the past seven years but is periodically tested.Beijing and Taipei sharply disagree on the island’s status.

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They feel that offering greater understanding about what they’re teaching is an essential part of the job. There, teachers rarely stay after school to help students. Punishment for being sloppy means doing chores like cleaning bathrooms. For biology class, we went to the Nobel Conference to listen to professionals talk about their most recent discoveries.

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