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There’s a general consensus about red flags- a history of ignoring negotiated safe words is a bad thing, for example. Yellow flags are more complicated, because they tend be personal and specific to the individual noticing them. (But seriously, if you’re on Fetlife or use the internet or have a cell phone, you are already at risk.They are the things that, taken individually, might not be automatic deal breakers. Probably just this person’s personality quirks or play style. There’s no such thing as online privacy, and to quote the Princess Bride, anyone who tells you differently is selling something.) You don’t feel “comfortable” meeting at events like munches, workshops, or play parties. But if you don’t want to meet in public at all or won’t provide a name and cell number, I’ll probably pass. If discretion is that important to you, I’m a bad choice as a partner.But the more yellow flags I spot, the less likely I am to be compatible with someone, whether as casual play partners, lovers, or friends. If that object is you and you don’t like what you see, only you can change that. Bottom line: my time is limited and my safety is more important to me than your comfort, so if this is non-negotiable, we will probably never meet. But if you’ve never managed to maintain ongoing friendships or even basic civility with any former partners, I’m going to wonder why.DISCLAIMER: This is a list of they are yellow flags and not red ones. Your dynamic is not my dynamic, but your dynamic is ok. I don’t want to constantly worry about what you might be hiding from me or who you may be hiding me from. If all you leave is a trail of disgruntled people in your wake, at some point I’m going to consider whether the problem is not a bunch of bitter, scorned lovers/playmates, but rather you and your M. ————— “Let me educate you.” That’s awfully kind of you, offering to teach me something I don’t know or introduce me to something I haven’t experienced.If we agree to play with each other, sexual contact is not automatically included.(And dudes, thinking only penis-in-vagina/ass qualifies as “actual” or “real” sex is some heteronormative bullshit right there.) I will make it unequivocally clear that tongues/fingers/cocks/toys aren’t going on/in my or your various holes, at least not until we establish chemistry, mutual desire, and safety precautions. If that’s a deal breaker for you, you get to set that boundary and decline playing with me. What I don’t appreciate is the assumption that if I consent to play, I consent to sex.

There is always room to improve, and personal growth is its own reward.If you use the “teacher” tactic or the offering of a “learning experience” to manipulate inexperienced folks across consent lines or to get in their pants, you’re a lot closer to predator than professor. I understand you have a kink that you adore, and you want to share it with everyone.But if you have to spend a bunch of time wheedling, cajoling, and convincing, maybe they’re just not that into you or your kink. Entitlement to their bodies, time, and attention is not.To create an account, please complete the following information, then click the ‘Create Account’ button to continue.With your new account, you can log into the site at any time in the future to view your order history and re-order your health care products without having to re-enter your details.

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Insisting that you can be the one to make someone like something they’ve decided they don’t like tells me you think your desires should take precedence over their limits.

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  1. Rach has been a Relationship Coach and Mentor since 2006 for people who are new, curious or stuck in an open style relationship (swinging through to poly), and a Life Coach from 2003.

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