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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Clinical Research & Bioethics Web-based surveys; CHERRIES criteria; Translational research; Filemaker; Informed consent; genetics; Macular degeneration The World Wide Web has gradually evolved as a vital resource in medicine, business and research [1].

The Duke University Health System created DADOS-Prospective [5], an open-source and CHERRIES- compliant web-based application designed to collect and manage information for clinical and translational trials.Potential participants are encouraged to create an anonymous user account (e.g.username and password) on the website’s home page prior to initiating the Informed Consent online process (IC).DADOS-Survey, which was used for biomedical research, allowed participants to fill out questionnaires for anonymous or non-anonymous studies.Electronic signatures were collected from participants of non-anonymous studies [6].

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After limiting to those studies currently “seeking new volunteers,” we found 245 web-based studies.

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