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Constand "sits quietly listening to descriptions fed to the media of celebrity parties and 'disco biscuits,' " Troiani wrote Tuesday, adding that Constand "simply asks to be able to make a fair response to [Cosby's] spin machine." For his part, Cosby contends Constand was the first to violate the terms of their agreement.O'Connor has pointed to her tweets and a recent "interview" he alleges she gave to the Toronto Sun.A full transcript of that deposition was later obtained by numerous court outlets.Constand has pressed Robreno to release her from the terms of the 2006 confidentiality deal and unseal the full transcript of Cosby's deposition.While both Constand, who now resides in Toronto, and Cosby are barred by a confidentiality agreement in their 2006 settlement from discussing the case publicly, recent court filings show that neither side is above using legal motions to take swipes at the other.Consider Tuesday's needling of Cosby for failing to pick up on Constand's sexuality. O'Connor interpreted those messages as Constand weighing in publicly.

Feeling proud and strong and empowered by the amazing positive response to #My Body Is Not Your Concern!!"He is as perceptive in this belief as he claims to be in his interpretation of nonverbal cues from women he wants to seduce." That side reference to Cosby's testimony in the case - in which he described himself as "a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things" - had not been previously mentioned by the comedian or his lawyers.For its part, Cosby's legal team hasn't proved itself immune from the temptation to jab at Constand, either.She argues that public statements from various lawyers and Cosby backers have already violated its terms.In her most recent filings, Troiani pointed to a series of interviews given last week by Washington lawyer Monique Pressley, in which she came to the comedian's defense by highlighting his legal team's recent court filings.

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