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If it's good enough for one of the world's sexiest rappers, it's good enough for you.Combine Drake crooning over the speakers, neo-gothic decor and amazing cocktails, like the gin-based "Sweeterman", and it's impossible Being located in an landmark distillery building gives Tappo Wine it's old world elegance and ultimately, it's romantic vibe.Perhaps it will even have you reminiscing about the time you and your sweetheart stayed at that super romantic B&B in PEI.They say Spanish is the language of love, so practicing while reading the menu of Patria will definitely get you in the mood.Have a Game Night Board games are not only a great way to spend quality times with your special someone, but they inject some healthy competition – and tons of fun – into your date night.

Their blend of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine further adds to their smooth and seductive atmosphere. Spice things up, both literally and figuratively, at Valdez.

Cost: 5 Get Your Groove On Salsa dancing is probably the sexiest dance a couple could learn together. Sip in Secret There’s nothing sexier than feeling like you’re in on a big secret.

It requires trust, passion, and a lot of balance – just like a relationship. Indulge your date with an adventurous night at The Libertine, a hidden speakeasy that serves up tasty cocktails, delicious apps and fortune telling.

When it comes to setting the mood, many of us turn to aphrodisiacs, so go to the source: John and Sons Oyster House.

The rest of their menu is just as great, and their decor is relaxed and "brings a maritime pub to the heart of Toronto".

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Paris is the city of love, and while heading to Europe might be a bit of an extreme way to set the mood, Frank's Kitchen is a great alternative, a cozy spot where you can find some incredible fine-dining with French flare.

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