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With his breakdancing skills, Boyd tends to liven up the stage with his moves which usually involves quirky headstands, or “Boyding” as he calls them.

She was signed into the Ford Modeling Agency at the age of 7.

Damelo Written by Michèle Vice-Maslin Chuck Wild' Connie Blue-Puche (I)' Produced and Arranged by Michèle Vice-Maslin & Chuck Wild(I)' Performed by Carlos Murguia Courtesy of Sweetersongs See more » ' A music producer promises a young singer an amazing new lifestyle but first she must lend her voice to a celebrity with no singing talent.' As a die hard lifetime movie fan I am still quite skeptical when it comes to watching ones I've never seen before, because they certainly have their flops but I came across this on their site and was very pleasantly surprised.

The movie stars Christian Serratos who played Angela in Twilight, but I enjoyed this movie way more.

They got their break when two of their songs won the Danish National Radio P3’s competition. They have opened for artists like Pink, Fall Out Boy, and Taylor Momsen.

They signed with RCA Records and went on tour in the U. Neither David Boyd nor his band’s net worth have been calculated.

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