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A home warranty is another useful marketing tool, providing protection if an appliance or other covered item fails after closing.Home warranties are a relatively inexpensive way for a seller to add value to a property.To determine the best asking price, review the prices of recently sold, comparable homes in the area.Our sales professionals have ready access to this information, and can provide the big picture to help you determine the right asking price.Quite simply, if a home is priced too low, you miss out on potential profit.If a home is priced too high, qualified buyers will look elsewhere.It is also helpful to discuss with your agent other terms and conditions that can be included in the sale of the home to make it more attractive to potential buyers.For example, an owner can offer to pay closing cost or complete a major repair - such as a new roof - to make the deal more appealing.

Creating a Plan Your agent will help you create a marketing plan that will make it easier to sell your home at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time. Clean, organize, and neutralize your space: Unclutter your house to make it look bigger and cleaner. A patchy lawn takes away from the home's overall appearance. Add insulation to save energy: The most inexpensive way to increase your home's energy is to add insulation, which can reduce heating and cooling costs by more than 25%. Update kitchen appliances: The kitchen is often the room that buyers gravitate towards first, and an updated kitchen can help sell your home.

Ideas and Steps to Shower Built In Shelves and Niches Shower built in shelves is a great option in getting shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, and razors up off the shower pan floor. Bathroom Shower Tile ideas When deciding on new tile for your renovated shower, it is important to not deviate too much from the original design of your bathroom. Waterproofing Membrane Shower Walls Reg Gard is a Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane by Custom Building Products.

It is a perfect solution for a waterproofing membrane on shower walls.

Other important items: Showing Your Home Staging your home is an important part of the sales process and these home showing tips can help boost a home's curb appeal and create a lasting first impression. Start with a good cleaning, eliminate clutter, put away the knickknacks and add fresh coats of a neutral-colored paint to brighten rooms. Your agent can give you all sorts of tips to help boost your home's curb appeal and impress potential buyers once they're inside.

You want potential buyers to feel at home from the minute they walk up the driveway.

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