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After the Dollar Tree, I headed to the closest Redbox. My husband has been talking nonstop about wanting to see this movie…so I knew the date would be even sweeter with this rental choice! Do you remember the incredible books by Alvin Schwartz?These books are classic for sleepovers and the perfect way to end the night.You'll probably both be nervous, but keeping your wits about you can take some of the pressure off; it might even turn a night of missteps into some fond and funny memories down the road. This bullet point is especially crucial for men, who tend to be hardwired for instantaneous intimacy.You want to make this night a joyful celebration and a lighthearted attitude should get you there. You have the entire night to express how you feel about each other. But intentions matter, too — so make yours known: Focus on showing how much you care for her, not what an Olympian lover you are. ) Prolonged and passionate kissing can help narrow the "readiness gap." Even if this first overnight leads to nothing more than that — plus some snuggling, spooning and falling asleep in each other's arms — it still counts as a success: It means you've moved your commitment to each other, and to the relationship, up another notch.She was smart, funny, attractive, they had the same faith background…the icing on the cake: she and Greg seemed to hit it off famously.They had enjoyed wonderful phone and email conversations over the past several weeks, and had decided they didn’t want to wait a long time to meet each other in person.I knew he wouldn’t miss seeing Barbie…whoops, I mean Corie. He not only saw Barbie/Corie, but I could hear him laughing all the way from the kitchen! Right now in stores, they are carrying a special box of Cheez-It Crackers. My husband and I played a quick round of Scrabble using our crackers!We haven’t played a simple game like this in, well….

I cut out a picture of my face and stuck it over Barbie’s.After a few seconds of shocked silence, what followed was one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had with a group of single folks in a long time.Up to that point, I hadn’t realized how many different opinions Catholic singles have about whether or not it’s okay to spend the night in each other’s homes or apartments.She came back with a reality check on the economy, the price of gas and plane tickets, and how paying for hotels on top of everything else was absolutely ridiculous and out of the question.He told her that it’s a lot of temptation for a guy to sleep over at the home of a woman he’s interested in…she told him he’s a prude who needs to wake up in the 21st century.

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