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As you know, I was having lots of marriage problems. It is a real relief to have my marriage problems finally fixed! Enclosed is my newest Novena of thanksgiving request since you taught me years ago that IF I really want fast results in the future then I get my thanks in right away, like today.Now I have a HAPPY marriage again and my spouse is also HAPPY. You know all the details, so all I want to say here is that St. I read someplace for every Novena of asking [Editorial Note: This is called a "Novena of Petition"], that I should have an equal number of Novenas in thanking.Sometimes Priests have Mystical experiences when they Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.For example: a long, long time ago, when I first began to Offer Holy Mass, I was Blessed with some Mystical experiences, e.g. However, I asked the good God to please not let me have any such experiences because I was concerned that those people attending my Masses would quickly be distracted with such Mystical activities and begin to ignore what was really important - to focus completely on the Holy Mass, not on the Mass Celebrant.I would doubt that anyone would ever want to be in her position, so very, very close to death, just to be able to physically see Saint Jude. No one should ever desire to have any kind of Mystical experiences.First, it can become a distraction if it is repeated.I look forward to making the 9-Day Novenas to Saint Jude Thaddeus for your intentions!

This is an excellent example of fortitude, perseverance, and patience.And Saint Jude shall continue to work his miracles for you and your family, just as I know he will also do the same, not just for me, but for all of those who believe and trust in God and in Saint Judes intercession with God as Thank you for making those Novenas to St. What to human eyes looked "impossible" became "possible" with Saint Jude!I had a deadline and it was going to cost me a really large amount of money to be able to get the "job" done in order to meet that deadline - no extensions. Jude comes through after that 3rd Novena was completed and you had already begun the 4th Novena.God granted my request about a week later.]Would you please say a novena to St.Jude for my daughter that she do well in her finals next week? Again, as you may know, I respect your close relationship with God through the intercession of St. I cannot repeat that you will have a special place in heaven for all of the work you do to bring others to God.

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So tonight I get to not only get groceries, but next week I can actually pay off, down to zero balance, all my credit cards, plus take care of other pressing issues like I can forget the utilities warning of shutting off my electric, gas, phone next week. I have now kept my promise of several weeks ago to Saint Jude to send you this Testimonial after my Novena intention was granted. I wrote to you before and I have to tell you that she has improved to the point that she drove her car by herself a short distance to the dentist the other day.

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