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Badged - when a player is hit in the helmet by a Bouncer, usually on or close to the helmet badge, hence the name.

Brett Lee was notorious for 'Badging' batsmen and West Indian Devon Smith was unlucky enough to feel the full wrath of one of Lee's infamous Bumpers Watch Binger's Badging here.

Watch as 'Whispering Death' dishes up some brutal Babylon heat to Brian Close here.

The youngsters are always creating new terms but some slang never dies, so take a look at our list and polish up on your cricket lingo so you're never left dumbfounded at the nets again.

Axe - another name for a bat, also known as a Stick or Willow.

Beamer - a full toss that reaches the batsman at head height - often referred to as a Headhunter.

Although typically an accident, it can be used to either scare or hurt the batsman.

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Someone should have told that to Dennis Lillee back in 1979.

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