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The government has imprisoned online journalists, bloggers, and technical support staff.It has blocked thousands of Web sites, including sites that offer free publishing tools and hosting space for blogs.At the same time, all of the countries surveyed in this report continue to block Web sites for their political content or for other arbitrary reasons, and all retain and misuse vaguely worded and sweeping legal provisions to imprison Internet users for expressing unpopular or critical views.The following sketch of conditions in the region shows the broader set of problems.As this report went to press, soon after Syria's "first privately owned ISP" started offering less-restrictive service, one Syrian computer programmer reported that at least one of the old, government-affiliated ISPs had lifted restrictions on protocols used to build Web sites, perhaps in a bid to keep its customers from moving to the new, less-restricted ISP.

For each of the featured countries, Human Rights Watch examines government policies affecting Internet access, the role the Internet has played in fostering freedom of expression and civil society, laws restricting free expression, online censorship, and cases in which people have been detained for their online activities.In Syria, the authorities censor information and correspondence with a free hand under the terms of emergency legislation promulgated more than forty years ago.The government tampers with the very fabric of the Internet, restricting the use of the basic electronic protocols that allow people to send emails and construct Web sites.Innovative Egyptian policies designed to promote Internet use-notably the country's "free" Internet program that allows any Egyptian with a computer, modem, and a phone line to browse the Web for the price of a phone call-have become models for developing countries around the world.Yet Egyptian security services have detained people for their activities online.

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