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Recently, her 3-year-old daughter cupped her face and said, "Mommy's chocolate," to which Karazin responded: "Yes, mommy is the color of chocolate, and daddy is the color of vanilla.

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In January 1999, at the dawn of the online dating era, Blk Beau T met So Cal Guy on a Yahoo!

Chat room — she, hoping her username would let suitors know she's African-American; he, assuming he'd found a fellow admirer of a favorite childhood film.

For example, when, during their courtship, Michael picked up Christelyn at the hairdresser, a lively hub of black culture, Christelyn remembers all noise screeching to a halt at the sight of her white date, and she nervously hustled him out. Charlie," slang for a white oppressor; a cousin warned her a white guy would never marry her."There were these constant guilt trips," said Christelyn Karazin, 38, who co-authored the new book "Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate Mixing Race, Culture and Creed" (Atria), with Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn, to offer practical advice for navigating inter-ethnic romance.

Black women often feel pressure not to date out of race because they bear the onus to carry on African-American traditions, she said.

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