Hudson error updating group repository metadata

That one contains the Core REST API calls that you can use by default.

Unfortunately that API does not allow you to store metadata for artifacts.

I hope you could learn a little and feel encouraged to start writing and sharing your own Jenkins Plugins.

Check out the Jenkins CI homepage on how to contribute Plugins to the community.[1] Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Continuous Delivery in the cloud [2] Sourcecode on github,

In this article you will learn how to write a Jenkins CI Plugin and how to use the REST API from the Sonatype Nexus repository.

I am using Maven and Jersey (JAX-RS) for the project. I hope this blog will encourage you to write your own Jenkins plugins and share them with the community. There comes a time in every developers life when you need write your own extension, addon or plugin when using open source software.

In order to use the maven-hpi-plugin you need to add the following to your Maven that you find under $HOME/.m2/│ └── de │ └── mb │ └── Hello World └── resources ├── de │ └── mb │ └── Hello World Builder │ ├── config.jelly │ ├── global.jelly │ ├── │ └── help-use └── [email protected]:~/workspaces/jenkins/nexus-metadata-plugin$ tree .

You can configure if it should greet you in english or french by selecting the checkbox.

Once you deploy the plugin and configure each build step of the continuous delivery build pipeline the deployed artifact in Nexus will have the metadata attached, see diagram.

This has been a long tutorial but I tried to cover the most important steps.

To test your new plugin you need to follow these steps: If the build is successful and you see “Hello, World! Otherwise start reading from top and try again 😉 or consult the official Jenkins Plugin documentation [3].

Adding custom metadata to artifacts in the Nexus Repository requires Nexus Professional.

Search for hudson error updating group repository metadata:

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This allows us to specify the Nexus URL and credentials in the Jenkins configuration.

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