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A flat stomach and skinny arse, legs and arms like matchsticks.

Her size was not to do with age, she had always been small.

Without me telling her to, she hopped onto the bed, "I'll let you put my pad on." She said, spreading her thighs and affording me an intimate, close-up view of her genitalia. It is like changing a baby, after drying her I had to apply moisturising cream.

Mother's sister Emma and her husband worked the farm, Granny the family matriarch owned and had until recently actively controlled it all.

Her tits must have been large when she was younger, but now at seventy-five they were near empty bags which hung like a pair of drained udders to her waist.

It was her nipples which drew my attention, each at least as long and as thick as my thumb – as firm as a cow's teat.

It was when she got out of the bath, an operation that involved me half lifting her, that I noticed her body.

First impression she was like a little doll, just over five feet tall and weighing about one hundred and ten pounds, little more than skin and bone.

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"But I have to go away for registration." I had thought that this was my trump card. "It is fine I knew that, so I have arranged with Aunty Emma, that she will come across for those two days." So it came about, the before Friday before Good Friday, I returned home, over the next four days mother gave me a crash course in caring for Granny. Granny's medicines, what they were, how and when to give them; how to fill out a repeat prescription request; contact number for the doctors surgery.

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