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Before the British arrived, the country was made up of a number of separate kingdoms.

The earliest people to inhabit the country were the San, sometimes called the Qoisan or Khoisan. The best-known of these walls survive today as the remains of two cities, Great Zimbabwe and Khami.

CFU members were meeting for an annual congress on Wednesday likely to focus on the looming evictions.

Zimbabwe has been in crisis since February 2000, when pro-government militants, led by veterans of the 1970s liberation war, began invading white-owned farms.They are also sometimes called "Bushmen," but this is an insulting name that was given to them by outsiders. The city of Great Zimbabwe prospered until the fifteenth century, and gave modern Zimbabwe its name. In 1992, the country's population was 10.4 million.Of these, 98 percent were African, and about 2 percent were European, Asian, and mixed-race.The 78-year-old president says he plans to complete his "fast-track land resettlement programme" by the end of August.NINETY DAYS TO QUITIn May, Mugabe signed a law giving 2,900 farmers 45 days to wind up their operations and another 45 days -- expiring at midnight on August 8 -- to move off their land and make way for black settlers. Others say they will defy the land acquisition and eviction orders and fight both through the courts.

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Commercial agriculture, dominated by tobacco, is the mainstay of Zimbabwe's economy, and analysts say its disruption through state-backed farm invasions has compounded food shortages and a severe economic crisis blamed on government mismanagement.

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