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Even now, twenty years later, with a few extra pounds, wearing a very short and practical haircut, she still turned me on.But shortly after our daughter was born she seemed to lose almost all interest in sex.She smiled sweetly at the camera before taking a big, black dick in her little mouth, barely pursing her lips around the head.As she moved her mouth slowly down the length of the massive shaft, I noticed her tits seemed to bounce with the effort, and realized with some sense of shame that her breasts were clearly larger than my daughter's.At first, I only went into the backrooms, a long corridor with a dozen individual rooms.I would insert some money, pick through the videos, and ignore waist high holes cut into the wall and guarded with a rubber seal.She never noticed me behind her as she pulled the clothes from the dryer, and I did my best to keep moving, even if I didn't quite overt my eyes.I looked on the screen, seeing a video of a young girl on her knees, taking a cock each each hand, her tiny fingers barely able to curl around the width.

The camera angle adjusted to a close up on the girl's face as her tits bounced up and down with the force of each thrust.

Like a lot of other guys there, I always dreamed of coming in one day to find a hot young girl, willing to take load after load from the twenty or thirty guys hovering around, waiting for an actual woman to appear.

Without anyone on the other side to see, it was easy to pretend I might have been a part of that.

Sometimes she seem wholly unaware of the newfound attention, rarely bothering with a bra even outside the house.

At other moments, it almost felt like she put on a show.

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