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In our drunken haze, we thought it would be adventurous. In that moment of re-awakening, my roommate KG called my cell phone and asked me, “What the fuck happened to you? Tracy (goth girl) and I looked at each other, laughed, and could not come up with an answer. Tracy began to ask KG’s girlfriend Sally what kind of sexual positions she liked. Prior to this night, I’d had two opportunities at anal sex. Either I just couldn’t get my dick in there, or the lube was inadequate. In fact, both girls halted my attempt with a sentence beginning with the three words “Actually, I don’t..” It just wasn’t meant to be. The shower water returned to normal; we finished up and dried off. For some reason, I was starting to think she had ulterior motives or at least “a plan,” but she distracted me. She had gotten a much-needed anal fuck (She said it had been a while and that she “needed that”), and I became a member of the ass-fuck club.

” My reply sounded something like this: “Uh…I’m uh…dude, I’m at the store. Sally had never tried anal and wasn’t too open to talk about it. ” Sally remained silent while I quietly laughed: it was hilarious, and I agreed with Tracy. When we got back into my room, she demanded, “Fuck my ass, NOW.” I obeyed. When she went to the bathroom, I got on my computer.

Before Penthouse Letters, I began masturbating in the fifth grade to imaginary images of looking up a girl’s skirt.

Whomever I had a crush on at the time would wind up as my jerk-victim.

I’m faded, it’s a liquor store, we’re standing next to a fire hydrant down the street.” After several more questions from him, he figured out where we were and drove by with his girlfriend to pick us up. Lacking tact, Tracy kept pushing the issue, eventually ending it with “I think every girl should try anal at least once. As I was clicking from the fantasy sports page, to My Space, to email, I briefly glanced at my bed.

Almost exactly in the middle was a dark shade about the diameter of a softball. It wasn’t a log, just a half-dried puddle with some definite texture. When I got back home, I felt like a guilt-burdened murderer returning to his mutilated victim. In disgust, I ferociously ripped my sheets off my bed. I took a shower, tossed the sheets in my car, drove down the street, and then threw the sheets in the neighborhood dumpster.

I had never fired my dick into a butt-hole before, but I lied and told her, “I used to date this girl who was all about it.

She loved it.” She listened attentively, just bathing in my artificial juicy experience. About seven minutes into the plowing, she asked if I wanted to take a shower with her.

After a half hour of feeding her this shit, we took off. In my bathroom, I scrounged through the cabinets in a horny frenzy. Although I had seen K-Y jelly at the supermarket here and there, I never had the balls to buy it for nights like this because I was secretly worried about what the store clerk would think of me. Luckily, my other roommate had some after-shave gel. I didn’t want Tracy to see my failed attempt at finding an adequate lube. I was ass-fucking her missionary at the time, and when I pulled out, I heard a slow rumbling farting noise. It was kind of like hearing a motorcycle four blocks away slowly coming to a stop. She got in first and turned on the shower immediately.These are real exhibitionists who love to be watched while they have sex.And best of all, the site is so big that you'll meet tons of people from your city who love sex just as much as you do.Etienne had the big table reserved at Sutra, and about ten of us headed out to mooch off his hook-ups.We were poised for an adventure, and there were even a few celebrities present: Matt Leinart, Dennis Rodman, and a chick named “Alex” from the MTV reality show Laguna Beach.

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I am at least able to maintain control along with my memory when I drink beer. When I returned to the table, I noticed a blonde gothic-looking chick talking with my buddy E. She wasn’t hot, but her black eye-makeup and lipstick sparked my curiosity. “Oh, we are definitely partying tonight.” What in the world?

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