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By coincidence, Brandon had gone to Texas Tech with Gina’s cousin, whom he spotted in one of Gina’s pictures, on her profile. Sure.” She figured the invitation was an April Fool’s joke.

(Because we’re telling this story together, we’ll have to use our first names to keep things clear.) Brandon e-mailed Gina, and that’s how it started. He wasn’t kidding, and our fifth date was a trip to Palm Springs.

We knew that if we couldn’t feel our extremities, our bodies were cutting that part off. When he couldn’t feel them, he knew it was time to get out and jog. We were thirsty, but we didn’t drink any water because we were worried about parasites, and we expected at any minute to hear a helicopter or maybe someone calling our names.

Even having grown up Iowa, traipsing through howling wind and snow on her way to school, Gina couldn’t remember ever being that cold. But three hours passed without a sound except for the waterfall.

The temperature can drop 30 degrees during the climb.

We’d only known each other for a few weeks, having met through My Space.

He wore a t-shirt while she opted for two layered tank tops, one of them bright orange. (The tram has starred in, among other movies, Skyway to Death (1974), Death Journey (1975), and Hanging by a Thread (1979). “These people are overdoing it.” It was a beautiful, crisp day, about 60 degrees.

Its operators have apparently gone for a softer image lately. As we wandered along the trail, around granite boulders and between evergreen trees, Gina found a patch of snow and started pelting Brandon with snowballs. But the 24-year-old is the youngest of nine children, and her two closest siblings are boys, so she developed a competitive edge growing up. ” We’d go for 15 minutes, then stop and yell again. It was like one of those Chinese finger cuffs; the harder we struggled, the more we got stuck.

There are many hiking clubs and groups that run hikes in New Jersey…

from formal hiking clubs to casual groups, and from beginner to challenging hikes.

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