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The one thing i always keep in mind is, no matter what, get a number.[color=#000099][/color]believe it or not, the best way to approach a girl is through courtesy, you see, if you are to direct when approaching women, rejection is highly inevitable, but instead approach her in a very natural way, make her guess what your intentions are i.e ( DOES THIS GUY WANNA GET WITH ME OR IS HE JUST A SOCIABLE GUY) that way you are communicating indifferency and challenge cos most guys are way too predictable.

Normally I simply walk over to a gurl I like(if its on d street) n say 'hi, saw u from over there and came over to say hi.' If its at d club, I walk over to her ask to buy her a drink or tell the bar tender to give her a drink(if she's not poppin Hennessey of Cristal o).

Then man do the dignified thing and lose her so she would not look at you like a clinger.

So topic will make her think you into her and you willing to know her.

Dating questions women ask you and how to answermen and women of all ages feel compelled to take their relationships to the next in if you really loved me: 100 questions on dating, (see top 100 in books).1) Smile 2) Be yourself 3) Try to throw a joke to make her open up 4) Ask for her name 5) Push two or three topics 6) Pretend you in a hurry ask for her numbers Try not to get caught after you leaveif d gul giv him a dirty slap he should take it cuz itz part of d game.Christian dating advice for women (answers for christianonline dating top 100 the most interesting and popular online dating top on the net 100 free dating list you will find free profile of women and girls from russia.Dating and Relationship to see what kinds of games the typical female plays.Information on Product: Heres Exactly What 100 Beautiful Women Have To Say About All Of Mens Top Dating Questions About Dates; Attraction; Sex; Relationships; And More.For me there is no best way of approaching a gurl cos as long as people are different all those so called books on dating,romance etc can't speak everybody's mind take it or leave it.

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