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What makes Bob's story an interesting one, other than the training concepts he developed and popularized, and the genesis and fruition of his own bodybuilding career as both competitor and trainer, is the experiences he has had along the way.From conversations and verbal battles with bodybuilding Godfather Joe Weider to his role as fitness advisor to the Chicago Mob and his tenure as training partner to, and eventual defeat of, Sergio Oliva, Bob has seen and done much in bodybuilding. So you had these park district teams where you had the Junior Bear's where we would play at halftime at the Bear's games.

So Joe told him to leave the subject alone, but then he came back and said he approved of it, but named it "Staggered Sets". When I did the WBBG Hall of Fame awards (in 2007) I was with Harold Poole and we were all together just telling stories about Joe Weider, which is kind of a fun thing to do. I said to Joe, "I thought your office was closed." And he said "Yes we are closed, what do you mean?That is another interesting story in how we have changed in attitude or viewpoint and perception on how we do training now.Strength training: it is an equal part of fitness - there is no doubt about it.Well, when I am talking weights, I am talking about controlling your own body mass. A tall guy may have to work on balance a lot more so we would be working on one-legged movements: one-legged squats, one-legged jump squats as a really good way if that is where they are weak.They can't hit 90 degrees and you don't expect them to so a good strong three quarter squat for jumping ability is best.

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Tell the truth about why he had to move out (of New Jersey). Follow the history of Weider and you will see that. We used to discuss Nietzsche (19th Century German Philosopher and Philologist). But you are looking at the guy who beat him and he is an attorney now; he was a college graduate; Joe Abbenda. You have to be an active part of the sport you represent. It was getting crazy at the time and I was running YMCA weight-training programs, getting kids involved in the sport and improving their self-esteem.

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