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We discuss libido in more detail with sections for men and women.

The Decline of Health Care In New Zealand as with many other countries, health care has become a commodity and the citizens as consumers are increasingly ill informed despite the improvements in information technology.

With the technology we now have, we can create artificial humans and it is predicted that the test tube will become our primary means of reproduction in the near future.

Learn more The TTPA Like many other trade deals, the TPP has its costs in terms of human health and wellbeing. The Fluoride debate This substance is an industrial waste that the public has been sold as a cure for tooth decay.

But it does not prevent tooth decay, but it keeps people comfortably numb and may contribute to suicides.

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New Hope for the Unwell One of the most exciting turnarounds that is affecting the health of a minority is a proof that food really is our best medicine. We could live in peace, we have the tools and technology to feed the world and ensure everyone's wellbeing.

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Social Injustice is a root cause of all illness which perpetuates poor education, poor quality food, suffering and other consequences of poverty.

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