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This is like informing the library of what changes she made to the book and why.

The library then incorporates these changes into a "master" copy, where they are recorded for all time.

To submit comments or errata regarding any of this material, please send email to [email protected] This chapter introduces the fundamentals of CVS, and then provides an in-depth guided tour of everyday CVS usage.

Concepts are presented sequentially, so if you're new to CVS, the best way to read this is to start at the beginning and go straight through, without skipping anything.

It is intended for anyone who uses or plans to use CVS.

These chapters are excerpted from a larger work called (published by The Coriolis Group, ISBN 1-57610-490-7).

For example, in the normal course of implementing a new feature, a developer may bring the program into a thoroughly broken state, where it will probably remain until the feature is mostly finished.

Unfortunately, this is just the time when someone usually calls to report a bug in the last publicly released version.

Developer A finishes her changes and commits them into CVS along with a "log message", which is a comment explaining the nature and purpose of the changes.This process uses the copy-modify-merge model, which works as follows: Developer A requests a working copy (a directory tree containing the files that make up the project) from CVS.This is also known as "checking out" a working copy, like checking a book out of the library. At the same time, other developers may be busy in their own working copies.If you've never used CVS (or any version control system) before, it's easy to get tripped up by some of its underlying assumptions.What seems to cause the most initial confusion about CVS is that it is used for two apparently unrelated purposes: record keeping and collaboration.

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