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Casey (Ashley Leggat) is shocked when Derek (Michael Seater) is selected to be a prefect at school and sets out to prove he’s not the man for the job; Edwin (Daniel Magder) and Lizzie (Jordan Todosey) are jealous that Marti (Ariel Waller) always gets her way.Derek (Michael Seater) swears off girls until he meets Sally (Kate Todd), the attractive new waitress at Smellie Nellie’s. Anya arrives at the restaurant, dressed like a middle-aged woman attending her 40th high school reunion. (All kidding aside, these two are actually pretty cute together. So, the date ends early, but it ends well, with a sweet kiss shared by two very attractive, but very nerdy, people . But before she can confess to him, he springs THESE on her .

I think my favorite part of the whole scene, was when Anya called for a doctor, and that Old Guy sitting next to them got up from his chair.

to choke on something, so that he can give her the Heimlich, and, in doing so, lock eyes with his Lady Love.

Maybe, he saw Anya’s number on his cell phone, but called her back on the hospital phone.

Mc Too Old thinks Anya is in college, she tells him she will meet him after her “college seminar .

at college.” And it sounded so lame, and was such an obvious lie, that I don’t know how a “smart” doctor like Dr.

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Honestly, I’m not really sure what the get-up has to do with Valentine’s Day (or should I say “Sweet Hearts” week).

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