Arab culture dating a lebanese man questions to ask dating email

Does that mean we have to give white men our women you silly person.

Again arab women are made for arab men, not black men, you deusional idiot.

Never they think nonarab men are beasts, so stop with the prasing yourself.

Why must black people ask whether non-blacks desire them?

So it's not about her happiness, or honor, it's about White male ego, and pride.

With Black women, our sisters are abused all the time, and Black people look the other way, but let a White man abuse our sister, and again it's our male ego, and pride.

Their honor is in stake, they will be known as whores, if they even try to get with a nonarab men.

These women are islamic, and they would never have a little crush on a black man, why would they?

I respect you for loving your country, culture and women. Just saying your views are racist and it is probably related to the Middle East being ef'd up.

You are right it is my opinion but probably many others as well after reading your comments.

America is liberal and if gays can legally marry other men I think it is just as fair for middle eastern women to marry black men.

No it's not fair we want our women to our selves, is that not allright, why break up a happy arab family?

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Lol, all arabs feel that way, are you actually implying that i should hand out my women to black men?

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