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I received a vintage bottle of Liquor Galliano (imported from Italy) sealed and unopened with original box in excellent condition. From the look of the bottle I would say 1970s is a good estimate of the date.Unfortunately there is no date but judging from the bottle and box art I'm guessing it must be at least 20-30 years old. Galliano bottles of this era are incredibly common and not highly sought after by collectors.

John Galliano’s back catalogue of collections from his 15-year tenure at Dior is diverse, lavish, experimental, dramatic, theatrical and controversial, shocking and inspiring the fashion industry in equal measure.Has anything unexpected come from posting your [email protected]: A lot of models that used to walk regularly in Galliano’s Dior shows tend to follow me and repost the pictures I post of them.They have to be a good quality, and fortunately they’re not too hard to find, even though the most recent show from the 2000s was seven years ago.There are so many incredible images that I can use for the account.

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