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soon; quickly; rapidly chipa LL v cheap chisa HL v frighten; cause to be afraid chiwa HL v be feared cholopo HHH n 9 fly, as of trousers chona HH v be penniless; be without money chova LL v to pedal, as a bike chubhu HL n 9 tube chuludza HHL v cause to jump; cause to cross; skip, as with a monthly event chuluka HHL v jump up or over chuluka-chuluka HHHLLL v hop about chulukila HHHL v jump onto i chuu HL n 7 stew; well cooked food da H v love; like dabga LH n 5 type of bird dabi LH n 5 branch, as of a tree dabila LHL v to answer or to reply dada LL n 5 duck; mock someone daisi LHL n 5 dice lu daka LL n 11 wet cow dung in the kraal daka LL v intoxicate; make drunk chi dakwa LH n 7 drunkard dala HL n 5 receptable for unthreshed corn made of poles dama HL n 5 word; cheek damba LH n 5 large sour monkey plum dana HL v call; draw attention to; love each other; like each other danda HL n 5 log; block of wood lu dandi LH n 11 spider web danga LH n 5 kraal; sheep fold; pen dani LL n 5 slippery liquid, as from okra dat Ha LH n 5 large anthill debge LL n 5 kaross; leather blanket deelela HLHL v not to respect someone; look down upon deenya HLH n 5 skull delele LLL n 5 okra deluka LLL v descend from a height; come down bu delukilo LLLL n 14 platform; station delusa LLL v cause to come down or descend; let down demegwa LHH n 5 part of a field where the trees are still being cleared dendeli LLL n 5 type of temporary door made from sticks from trees denga HL n 5 overhead covering dengezela LHHL v to carry something on the head without holding it denje LL n 5 small bush deri HL n 9 dairy dhubika LLL v dip in water; immerse in a liquid dhubula LLL v take something out of liquid, which was soaked or immersed dhukudza LLL v shake some clothing or garment with the intention to remove dust dhuma LL v agree dhumano LLL n 9 mutual agreement; agreement n dhumbi LH n 3 drizzle; rain gently; rain in gentle showers n dhumila LHL n 3 type of tree dhumila LLL v to believe, as in God dhumilana LLLL v agree with each other dhumilani LHHL n 9 conventional way of greeting dhumilano LLLL n 9 agreement n dhumili LLL n 1 believer; a christian dhumiligwa LLLL v be admitted, as in a school dhumilila LLLL v allow; permit dibhi HL n 9 dip, type of pesticide didima LLL v rumble, as of lightning or as of an earthquake diika LHL v be educated diila LHL v educate for/at n diiwa LHH n 1 pupil; student dila LL v pour dilidzila LLLL v to water, as of plants or a garden dindi LL n 5 thick beef steak without bones dindingwe LLL n 5 leopard diraya LHH v wind up, as a bucket from a well dishwa LH n 5 standing grass ditima LLL n 5 pumpkin n diwa HL n 1 loved one; beloved one diya HH v teach; preach n diyi HH n 1 teacher; priest lu do H n 11 love dobi LH n 5 relish made from shredded meat and ground peanuts dodola LLL v to walk on your toes dohona HHL v pound meat or peanuts in a mortar; pound into a paste dole LL n 5 meat from an emancipated animal; lean meat dolo LH n 5 corn or sorghum measured in terms of threshing loads dombo LH n 5 mountain; hill dongo LL n 5 ruin; deserted house or home donkana LHL n 7 foal of a donkey; grey/black low quality blanket donki LH n 7/6 donkey dope LL n 5 muddy water; mud dororo LLL n 5 fowl excrete or rubbish dot Ha LL v drip, as liquid; a slight drizzle of rain dot Hedza LLL v pour a small drop onto dot Hi LH n 5 drop of some liquid; a drop of rain dotomosi LHHL n 5 type of reptile found on the rocks lu dozo HL n 11 walking stick used by the old people dozo LL n 6 leg of a chicken dubula LHL v remove dirt from one’s body by either rubbing by hand or using a soft stone when taking a bath dukuta LLL n 5 perspiration; sweat dula HL n 5 granary dumba HL n 5 drum dumba LL n 5 shack dumbu LH adv.

truly; surely dumula LHL v shoot dundila-bazwele LLLLHL n 5 large black and yellow beetles; blister beetles duni LH n 5 mortar; stamping block dusa LL v to take out; remove duthu HL n 5 low hill; heap dutshi HL n 5 huge shadow, as when a dark cloud is in the path of the sun; ill luck dutu HL n 5 a whirlwind; a cyclone dwa L v to say; come from dwa-moyo LLL v to envy; desire chi dwi H n 7 knee dwilidzila LLLL v to catch water that is slowly seeping through in a well until you fill your bucket dwilila LLL v water seeping through in a well or a spring; proceed; advance; go forth dwilila-mbeli LLLLH v go forward; advance; make progress bu dwilo LL n 14 beginning or origins of something dzamula LLL v snatch from someone dzata LL v jump down or off; dismount dzete LH n 5 big hole on the ground, normally used by big animals; an antbear hole lu dzi L n 11 descents; relations nju dzi L n 10 nations; relations n dzi L n 3 root mi dzi L n 4 roots dziba LL v prevent a person from doing something; to go and return the livestock dziba LL n 5 deep pool of water in a river bed n dzibi LL n 1 watchman; one who watches over livestock dzibila LLL v prevent someone from doing something; restrain dzidzimuka LLLL v shudder, either from the cold or from seeing something unpleasant dziidza LLL v cause to suffer; trouble dziila LLL v suffer; be poor; be without anything n dziili LLL n 1 sufferer; a poor person dziisa LHL v warm something up dzikila LLL v put into ground, as when transplanting small plants dzikunuka LLLL v become uprooted dzikunula LLLL v uproot something dzila HH v smear the floor with mud mixed with cow dung and water bu dzilo HL n 14 floor newly smeared with mud plus dung, smelling very fresh dzilunula LHHL v re-do the smearing of the floor with mud mixed with dung dzima HH v extinguish; go out, as a fire or some light dzimidza LHL v remove all traces of something; cause to get lost dzimila LHL v go astray; wander; get lost ba dzimu HL n 2 spirits; ancestors long dead, believed to influence and control events.

inviting baby to be carried on back bhadi HL n 9 bad luck bhadza LH n 5 plough; hoe bhaibhili LHLL n 9 bible bhaisikili LLHHH n 9/6 bicycle bhaisikopo LHHHH n 9 movie bhakasa LLL n 5 pole enclosure around living quarters bhakhwa HL v be arrested; be drunk chi bhako HL n 7 snuff box or horn bhalaza LHH n 5 manmade deep pool which cattle drink from bhalo LL n 5 bald head bhamba LH n 5 famine; hunger; drought bhamula LLL v smack or hit hard with the palm of the hand bhanana LHL n 9 banana bhandabuko LHHL n 5 front leg of an animal bhande LH n 7a/2a type of sweet wild bulb bhangwana LLH n 5 small log bhantiti LHL n 5 prisoner bhapiro LLL n 5 wing, as of a bird bhapu LH n 5 lung bhara HL n 9 bar bharampara LHHL n 5 wild person bhata HL v to hold; touch bhata-khole LHLH v lead, as of oxen that are inspanned bhatana LHL v hold each other; join together bhatilila LHHL v stand in for; assist a calf to suckle from a cow not its mother bhatisa LHL v help someone carry something; to ask someone to run an errand for you; cause to hold; have someone arrested bhato HL n 5 buttock bhatsha HL v help; assist bhatshanya LHL v to connect; join one to the other bhatshila LHL v catch something on a trap bhavu HL n 5 bath tub bhaya LL v poke or pierce something; slaughter, as an animal chi bhayo LL n 7 pneumonic pain; shooting pains bhazha-mbga HLH n 5 unripe fruit; fruit in the first stage of ripening bhe L n 5 honey comb bhechu LL n 5 euphemism for penis bhelelo LHL n 5 end chi bhembezha LHH n 7 carry a child on the back without a blanket ie.

hold a child with hands onto your back bhende LL n 6 tail of a horse bhepe LL n 5 beer mugs; calabashes bhep Ho HH n 5 common cold; a catarrhal cold bhesu HH n 5 squirrel’s tail; a sheep’s tail bhezi HL n 9 bass voice in music bhika LL v cook; to question closely m bhiki LL n 1 cook bhinda LH n 5 spinster bhirikiti LLLL interj.

Me gustaría hacerlo con alguien con experiencia, mayor que yo, pero que en mi primera vez me trate bien, que lo haga con “amor”. ku dzimu HL n 17 heaven N dzimu HL n 1 God dzimula LHL v allay, as with something hot by pouring cold liquid into it; dilute or reduce heat, beer etc. this one, nearest me bu izelo LLL n 14/6 place for sleeping; bedroom zwi ja L n 8 goods; luggage; household utensils ja H v eat chi ja L n 7 plate or household utensils; vessel n ja L n 3 errand jabathu LHL n 5 cannibal; man-eater jacha LL n 5 old hut which is almost in ruin jaiva LHL v jive jaji HL n 9 judge n jaka LH n 3 sound made with fingers when pounding corn n jalakang’wa LHHL n 10 thoughts; ideas jalo HL v to say so jarada LHH n 9 yard or compound; yard length of material ma jaratini LLHL n 6 explosives; dynamite jasi HL n 5 coat jaxa LL v hasten jaxa LH n 5 youth; young man jekecheke LLHH n 5 big knife n jekesa LHL n 10 prostitute jeki HL n 9 jug; jack jele LL n 9 prison n jelele LHH n 9 type of hawk jeli HL n 9/10 jelly jemu HL n 9/10 jam jenamiso LHHL n 5 surprise; wondering jende LL n 5 testicle jenetha LHH n 5 straw ant jenjedhu LHH n 5 clever person jeremani LHLL n 5 traditional dress for women, so named after the type of material used jesi LH n 7 sweater; jersey lu ji H n 11 right hand n jiba LL n 9 dove jila HH n 5 cloth jinyo HL n 5 money paid to a girl’s parents by a boy’s parents after he’s made her pregnant chi jiso HL n 7 oral poison n jita LH n 3 fellow ma jo H n 6 lots of types of food joki HL n 5 yoke n jujuru HLH n 3 wild plant kaamudza HLHL v stop raining kabhukana HLHL adv.mi dzing’wana LHH n 2 troubled ancestoral spirits making a child sick dziya HL v be warm; warm oneself dzondola LLL v look askance at; make a sneering look ma dzonge LH n 6 sediments of standing water dzu L n 5 eagle dzudzu LH n 5 a turncoat; a cheat; one who never tells the truth dzuka LL v develop a rash dzula LL v rape dzulula LHL v smear mud on the wall dzungu HL n 9 dizziness; vertigo dzungudza LHL v rinse out something n dzwa H n 3 strap dzwa L v belch chi dzwa L n 7 thigh dzwala HL v plant edza LL v imitate edzisa HHL v spending the evening doing something ma edziso HHL n 6 evening time games or conversations; social functions in the evening before retiring to bed ee LL adv. splash and spill, as water while being carried in a container n kabo LL n 3 type of calabash kadula HHL v hit another n kadzi HH n 1 woman; a wife chi kadzi HL n 7 female one; womanly i kaka HL n 7 desert n kaka LL n 3 milk kakale LHL adv. Mi único problema es que soy virgen y ya quiero probar el sexo.He tenido la oportunidad con varios tipos que me invitan a salir, al cine, a comer, cosas así, pero lo hacen por puro que quieren sexo, porque primero empiezan con sus besos, después tocando y después ya se están bajando los pantalones y me da miedo hacerlo con alguno de ellos por si no lo hacen con cariño.

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