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The panoramic view of the beautiful Ganges is the perfect backdrop for a intimate dinner with your loved one.Best for those who are looking to pamper their partner.Getting to this island-restaurant is an experience in itself.You either have to take a free ferry ride or cross a wooden bridge to get to this place.The stunning view of the lit Hooghly Bridge and the beautified river bank is the perfect scenic backdrop for a relaxed evening with your partner.You will be spoilt for choices as there are various food stalls along the stretch of Prinsep Ghat.Dominantly a city full of parks, the greenery of the Kolkata comes as a welcomed refuge from the utter chaos of lives.

Best known for – Musical fountains and atheistic beauty Opening hours – 4 am to 11 pm Pocket pinch – Free entry Nalban is another lakeside fascination that you can indulge in.

Best known for – Boating Opening hours – am – pm Pocket pinch – Rs 50 (approx) Perfect for couples who want to ditch PDA and spend quality time together on fun-filled rides.

Better known as Disneyland of Bengal, Nicco Park is an exciting which is located at Salt Lake and has about 35 rides including some thrilling water slides and Haunted House.

Dont let your love suffer because of demonetization. For all the bong couples (non-bongs too), Cafe Ekante is your best bet for foodies like you.

With a Bengali theme and cuisine, this restaurant is across the Eco Park lake.

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