Damon salvatore and elena gilbert dating

At a party, they talk about their personal losses and passion (or lack thereof) in relationships.

Elena follows Jeremy into the woods and they find Vicki Donovan's body after she's been attacked by something, though she's still alive.

ended with Elena Gilbert revealing her love for Damon Salvatore, with Stefan overhearing the confession with tears in his eyes.

When the crew and cast shot this scene, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were still dating. How is this going to affect Elena and Damon’s relationship on the show going forward?

She talks to Stefan and gets annoyed when she can't get him to open up at all.

She's best friends with Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes.She then invites Stefan to have dinner with her and Bonnie.Although Elena goes to cheerleading practice, her heart clearly isn't in it, and she seems a bit worried when Caroline is dropped off by Damon.Then, there’s the more likely possibility that they’ll stay together for a while, and then the writers will find a quick and easy way to break them up. It’s not going to be hard to come up with a reason to break up Elena and Damon, especially with Paul Wesley’s Stefan still clearly having feelings for Elena.Death is unlikely since Elena and Damon are two of the three central characters on the show. That love triangle has always been central to the story, and fans of the show are pretty much split between the Damon/Elena camp and the Stefan/Elena camp. Will the writers let the real-life romantic troubles of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder affect their storylines?

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The advice she receives from her mother is that it'll be doing Matt a favor by letting him go.

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